3 Free Complete Homeschool Sites

The deeper you dig into the world wide web, the more free resources you will find. Most homeschool families do not have unlimited resources when it comes to their homeschool budget. Therefore, it is essential to only spend money where you need to. Let me show you the top resources I’ve scoured for and gleaned out for you.

1. Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool


This is a screenshot of the first day of fourth grade.

 A homeschool mother has written this complete curriculum for her family as well as yours and has complete or partial courses for each year of K-12. My own family used this curriculum for almost a year and we did enjoy it. I would copy the lessons into Live Binders because I didn’t want my children to skip ahead which they would do.

It is thorough and fun. There are as many hands on activities suggested as there are computer related activities. This curriculum is written with a Christian perspective, but I’m sure anyone could use this. Anyone of the subjects can be used individually.

You can follow Lee Giles, the curriculum writer on Easy Peasy’s Facebook page. There is also a Facebook page dedicated to Extra Resources and many other Facebook pages created by other moms who use the curriculum. There is no shortage of support for this free resource.

Here is a thorough review of the site by Cathy Duffy, author of 101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum

2.  Ambleside Online


This is the first week of grade 4.

If I could go back to the beginning and start all over again, this is the method I would follow. I love everything about Charlotte Mason’s philosophy. I do incorporate many of her aspects; however this curriculum just has it all and presents it so well.

This curriculum covers k-12 and makes it easy for a mother of multiples to follow along. I encourage you to dig into this wonderful resource. Hepburn Family Homepages has done a wonderful job at helping you navigate the big website, in bite sized chunks. Also visit Ambleside Online’s Facebook page.

Librovox (an audiobook website) has done a wonderful job pulling together the year booklists.

3.  Head of the Class


This is a snapshot of a day for grade 4.

After being on a hiatus, Head of the Class is back!

My children use this curriculum. I love that it has a mix of online and print-out activities. It covers all grades from PK-5.

It covers all the important subjects and adds in Fun as well. It also has lessons from Birth to age 4.


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