Cost Effective Ways To Homeschool

In this day and age all families need to look for ways to cut costs when they are homeschooling. Having a family of 6, I understand the need to use the most effective methods possible.

Hands down the best resource for any homeschool family is the internet. There are a multitude of free resources that can be downloaded or printed out. Free unit studies, lapbooks, novel studies, math sheets…you name it. My goal on this blog is to share as many of these free resources with you as I can.

The next most valuable resource is the library. Not only is there wonderful literature, you can be involved in programs and sometimes you could convince the children’s librarian to start a special homeschool LEGO club or book club…etc.

Another cost effective method I have used, being Canadian, is to purchase ebooks and downloadable curriculum. It saves on shipping and ebooks are usually less expensive than their hard covered counterparts. You only need to print out the pages you actually need the kids to write on. Or be like me when the four kids need to use the same pages. Put them in a folder and add lined sheets.

There are so many contests and giveaways and samples associated with the homeschool world. Subscribe to a few resources and keep up to date with all the goodness. Some of my favorites are

I encourage you to stay tuned for all of the freebies I have gleaned from the world wide web. Have a great day!



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