My name is Heather McCully, I am a Jesus Freak, wife to Andrew and so happy to be a mother. I have dreams of entrepreneurship, writing and impacting the world for God. Here are some things you should know about me.

  • I am nothing without my Tim Horton’s coffee, which my wonderful husband faithfully gets for me every morning.
  • I have a wicked temper, which keeps me humbled, praying and constantly looking for ways to simplify my life to avoid triggers.
  • I love Math! I mean LOVE! My boys yes, my girls not so much! Tears, drama….nuff said!
  • I am overweight. I am actively pursuing a healthier lifestyle and incorporating more excercise into my day. I will be blogging more about my journey on one of my other blogs.
  • I suffer from depression! This has been a rollercoaster ride for all six of us. I take medication faithfully and give myself slack when I feel overwhelmed.
  • I am into Avengers and superheroes as much as my children.
  • I am not a lover of reading fiction, I would rather read a biography or financial book.
  • I’m just a sinner, saved by Grace and I recognize my need for a Saviour. I am so grateful for God’s love and mercy.

     heather and andrew

I have the 4 funniest, craziest, most loving homeschoo   led children in all the world. I am so blessed and challenged and frustrated all at the time. They are 38 months apart and I’ve always called them my munkies…..no matter where they are in the house….I call “4 munkies!” and they come running…..wondering if they’ll still do this when they are teens.

Francis Duncan,
a.k.a Frankie, 12


Frankie is amazing…..he’s one of my favourite people in the whole world….he is also my biggest challenger in the pursuit of knowledge and the demonstration of patience. Frankie has High Functioning Autism and a love for all things computer.

Cassandra Heather
a.k.a Casey, 11
pronounced CASE- e


Casey is everything I wish I was……she’s talented and pure and athletic and gorgeous. I call her my right hand, she will drop everything to help me and rarely complains……if I’m sad or need a pick me up she strokes my hair and tells me everything will be o.k…..what a cool kid, so wise for someone so young.

Andrew Gerald
a.k.a “D”, 10


D is an all around awesome kid…..he is a people person……he is the life of the party and isn’t happy unless people are laughing. He will do the most random, silly things that just make me gut laugh just when I need to. He always makes sure I know how important I am to him and he never runs out of hugs.

Jayme Sharon
a.k.a Jayme, 9


Jayme is my mini-me…..she is an exact replica of everything I was as a child…..I delight to see the world through her eyes, because I understand more of who I am…..me and this child are “Stuck Like Glue”. We sing together for hours watching Youtube videos, she’s always interested in learning about me and the things I find interesting. I cannot go anywhere even the doctor’s office without her wanting to be there.

Through these four little people I have found more love and devotion than I ever thought was possible. I am excited to be their Mom and learn with them through our journeys in homeschooling.

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